Message from the Executive Director, Harumi Kachi

It has been four years since we started the LIVES Project at Hands On Tokyo, which aims to create a more inclusive society. I continue to learn greatly from people with disabilities, and people with incurable diseases.   

For example, wheelchair users face a difficult challenge just getting on the train...but many are very proactive about this challenge; and I am humbly encouraged by them.  People with visual impairments have astonishingly strong senses of smell, hearing, and others; and I realize that we rely too much on what we see, and often forget the other senses.  Way before COVID, I had learned about online meetings, from people with incurable disease for whom ‘stay at home’ is a norm. 

At the LIVES Organizing Committee, there are more than 40 members with the same aspirations. I am sincerely thankful for all these inspirations and lessons. 

Hands On Tokyo serves as a bridge between your warm heart as a volunteer, and those in need in our society.  In Japan, I believe, there has always been a strong spirit of helping each other, and taking good care of neighbors and members of the community. 

At Hands On Tokyo, we shall strive hard to be a bridge and a platform for our volunteers and communities.  We shall strive hard to provide meaningful and enjoyable volunteer experiences for you all.  

Please join, and be a part of our endeavor towards a more inclusive and supportive society! 

Harumi Kachi 
Executive Director