Material Support

Emergency support for Hands On Tokyo’s Community partners during Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

We would like to express our deepest condolences to those who have lost their lives,
and we wish all those who have been affected by COVID-19 a speedy recovery. 

Under this unprecedented situation, our community partners are giving utmost priority on health and safety of their children, elderlies and the groups they serve. 

While they are trying to adapt with this prolonged uncertainty,
we have compiled an overview of their most urgent necessity needs below,
in the hope of securing all that we can.

If you are looking for ways to help our community in need during this difficult time,
please pick up any of the items listed below and deliver directly to the listed local partner organization. 

Any items you send will be gratefully received. Thank you in advance for your kind support and generosity. 

We are grateful for your understanding and support while we manage through this difficult pandemic.
Please take care of yourself and stay sate.

■ Guidelines to follow:

1. In regards to food items, please make sure that all food items have a year of expiration date. 

2. In regards to sanitary and hygiene kits, please make sure they are new and unopened.

3. We suggest you to phone the respective partner organization ahead of time and notify your sending.
 In addition, please bear in mind that all the expenses (materials costs and shipping costs) shall be borne by the sender.
When you communicate with our partners, please try to use Japanese as much as possible.)

4. Please refer to the following flow-chart while you prepare to ship the items.

■Children’s Home                As of 2020/6/10
Name of facility Tsukuba Aiji en, Tsukubakai SWC
Delivery address 308-5, Maeno Tsukuba-city, Ibaraki, 300-3267
Contact person Mr. Ryo Oosawa
Contact information 029-896-6001 /
Necessary goods Quantity
Disposable Masks 1,000
Portable DVD Player (new / used, good condition) 10


Name of facility

Futaba Musashigaoka Gakuen Children’s Home,
Futaba Hoikuen SWC

Delivery address 1-62-1,Suzuki-cho, Kodaira-city, Tokyo,  187-0011
Contact person Mr. Masahiro Takemura, Ms. Yuriko Murakami
Contact information 042-344-9911 /
Necessary goods Quantity
Disposable Masks 1,000
Alcohol Sanitizer Gel 10
Medical Face Sheild 20
Medical Protective Clothing 20
Microwave Instant Rice・Instant noodle・Instant Curry Sauce etc 10
Liquid hand soap(Refill) 5
Some Workbook for Elementary and Junior High School 10
Jigsaw Puzzle((100 ~ 300 pieces) for Infants and Elementary school students
Headset (with microphone) for Tablet  10
Indoor playground equipment (balance board or flying catch etc) As many as you wish to give
Air Cleaner with humidification 1


Name of facility TFutabaen, Doho Engokai SWC
Delivery address 126, Nakagami-cho, Akishima-city, Tokyo, 196-0022
Contact person Ms. Takagi
Contact information 042-542-1841 /
Necessary goods Quantity
Disposable Masks 1,000
Alcohol Hand Sanitizers  As many as you wish to give
Paper Towels As many as you wish to give
Soft(for the PC exercises, for the learning,
for game)
As many as you wish to give


Name of facility Seibi Home, Salesian Sisters SWC
Delivery address 4-2-14, Akabanedai, Kita-ku, Tokyo, 115-0053
Contact person Mr. Daisuke Itami
Contact information 03-3906-2711 /
Necessary goods Quantity
Disposable Masks             1,000
Alcohol Hand Sanitizers  As many as you wish to give


Name of facility Christmas Village Children’s Home
Delivery address 4-13-16, Nishiarai-honcho, Adachi-ku, Tokyo,
Contact person Mr. Kouta Gunji
Contact information 03-3890-5291 /
Necessary goods Quantity
Disposable Masks Summer Face masks 1,000
Liquid hand soaps, Alcohol Hand Sanitizers 50 bottles
Pre-packaged food・Preserved food 10packs (assorted)
Box of Tissues 50 boxes
Toilet Paper 50 rolls
Paper Towels 50 packs


■Nursing Home
Name of facility Azabu Keifukuen Special Nursing Home,
Onshizaidan Keifuku Ikujikai SWC
Delivery address 5-1-20 Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0047
Contact person Ms. Kaori Motomiya
Contact information 03-3446-5501
Necessary goods Quantity
Disposable Masks 1,000
Alcohol Hand Sanitizers 3 ℓ
Disposable Gloves 1,000
Medical Protective Clothing 500
Web Cam 3