Hands On Tokyo’s shift towards the "New Normal"

Our team remains committed to continue serving to the needs of our community while we carefully make the shift to the ‘new normal’. While keeping our volunteers and community partners safety at our utmost priority, we aim to resume some in-person activities under the following conditions:

●       We have started communicating with our individual community partners and Volunteer Leaders in order to understand their need and willingness to re-engage in-person activities

●       We will re-start in-person activities in the month of July with the community partners who have addressed their interest in resuming in-person activities.

●       HOT has made a general guidelines and waiver form (in-line with Japanese government guidelines) as a safety protocol to resume and redevelop our in-person activities. We work closely with our individual community partners and volunteers to ensure they adopt the safety protocols and will revise our general protocols to best fit our individual community partners guidelines.

●       Our in-person activities will be suspended in case of a “State of Emergency” alert from Japanese government.

●       At the same time, we will continue expanding and upgrading our ‘Stay-at-home’ projects and virtual programs.


Hands On Tokyo’s COVID-19 Safety Requirements

  • All volunteers and community partners staff should keep a record of their body temperature beginning two weeks prior to the activity date.
  • All volunteers and community partners staff should maintain an appropriate social distance with each other of two meters at all times possible.
  • All Participants should wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water at the beginning and the end of a volunteer opportunity—alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be provided if soap and water are not available.
  • All Participants are required to wear masks throughout the activity to prevent the transmission of respiratory viruses.
  • Volunteer programs are being planned and staggered to minimize contact and to ensure social distancing. If any programs need more than two volunteers in one session, volunteers are divided into smaller groups.


  • Please DO NOT attend a volunteer program if you:
    • Have a fever (37.5 C and above) or are experiencing any other respiratory or flu-like symptoms (and cancel your sign-up if you start to develop any)
    • Have been in contact with someone who could be infected or deemed as a 'close contact' of someone at risk.
    • Have been abroad or had contact with someone who has been abroad in the past 14 days.
    • Are living with someone deemed as a 'close contact' of an infected person.
    • You have been present at premises in the past 14 days, where compulsory testing has been imposed.